Saturday May 25 2013
Baldini: 'Zeman was a mistake'

Roma go into the Coppa Italia Final tomorrow, but director Franco Baldini admits “Zdenek Zeman was not the right choice.”

The Coach took them to the semi-final first leg, but was fired in February to make way for Aurelio Andreazzoli.

“The season has not given us the results we were hoping for considering the potential of the squad, but if the Coppa Italia arrives then it can still be considered positive,” Baldini told TG1.

“I am not so much disappointed by the results as by certain decisions we didn’t get right, above all that we weren’t able to send the right message when we knew how much needed to be reconstructed.

“We had unconditional support from the fans with minimal protests, but we were unable to create an atmosphere in which it is possible to grow.

“I made at least four or five unconfessable errors, but to reveal them I’d have to make certain judgments on people and things.

“I can say that Zeman was not the right choice. We wanted to give the fans a spectacle, but were not ready to offer guaranteed results.”

Zeman was brought in after Luis Enrique, who had a diametrically-opposed approach to football.

“Luis Enrique is the best man I’ve ever met in football,” added Baldini. “I thank the Lord I was able to meet him. Unfortunately, scepticism and a lack of experience made it difficult for him.”