Sunday May 26 2013
Hernanes: 'Unique moment in history'

Hernanes revealed he had unfinished business with Roma after lifting the Coppa Italia. “This is a unique moment in history.”

The midfielder contributed to the tense 1-0 victory over arch rivals Roma at the Stadio Olimpico.

“It is incredible, I have no words. This is a unique moment in history. I remember as a child I thought about how short out life is and that we have to live it to the full, to write our name in history.

“I never knew that after 12 years I’d have this opportunity with my teammates to place my name permanently in Lazio’s history.

“In the second leg of the derby I missed a penalty and gave away another, so from that day I started to think about this Final. I expected Roma to beat Inter and reach the Final here.

“It wasn’t fair after all I did in that game to end it like that. I knew I had something reserved for today. We were too concentrated and focused to lose.”

However, when RAI Sport asked if he would be staying at Lazio, Hernanes dodged the question.

“Before this game I wanted only to focus on this match. Now I have the Confederations Cup, so the first part of my work is done. Now I want to enjoy this moment.”

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