Sunday May 26 2013
Lotito: 'Lazio are Rome's top team'

Lazio President Claudio Lotito reveals the family get-together that helped them prepare for the Coppa Italia Final.

While Roma remained in the city and tried to use the tension, the Biancocelesti went to a pre-match training camp in the mountains in Norcia.

“Sending the squad to the training camp was the wise choice, as we had to remove them from this atmosphere and help them find focus in a more relaxed state of mind,” he told RAI Sport.

“I tried to drum team spirit into this side. I can now reveal on Saturday we had a lovely family night at Formello with all the partners and children of the players and staff. It helped us to relax and feel at our best going into the game, reaffirming that Lazio are one big family.”

Senad Lulic got the winner in a 1-0 result against arch rivals Roma this evening.

“We have immense joy, as it’s the first time in history there has been a Rome derby in the Coppa Italia Final. It had particular meaning, especially as one of the teams had to emerge as winners.

“The sets of supporters, teams and worlds were completely different. We are the top team in the Capital and the oldest, which I like to point out.

“As well as results, I wanted to show the behaviour of the club, the team and the fans who embody the values of sport.

“I never had a row with the fans. I just asked them to behave fairly, as they have done today and they were wonderful. It showed the message is getting through. We applauded Roma, who fought to the end, but in all honesty we deserved the victory with team spirit, sacrifice and hard work.

“I am particularly proud of the pre-match choreography, which reminded everyone Lazio are the oldest club in Rome and even used Latin in the banner. The vast majority of the fans are fair, generous and passionate. It’s a shame a few idiots tend to ruin our reputation.

“This squad has quality and I have made a formal commitment to improve it further on the transfer market, because I want to take this club back to where it belongs. We will do everything possible to improve the potential.”