Monday May 27 2013
'Osvaldo causing a scene is nothing new'

Roma boss Aurelio Andreazzoli has hit out at Pablo Osvaldo after the striker publicly criticised his Coach on Sunday.

The Italy international was left out of the starting for yesterday's Coppa Italia final against Lazio.

But the 59-year-old has insisted that a player of his stature should behave better, whilst also commenting on his own future.

“The bitterness of last night has not gone away,” he told reporters on Monday. “It will take time to sink in.

“I have not spoken with the club yet, but there will be time to do that.

“We are going to meet later on today.

“Osvaldo? Causing a scene when the TV cameras are running is nothing new from him.

“But then in private he just moans and whines.

“That's his problem though, not mine.

“For a player that represents the National Team, he should have better ethics.

“But again, that's his problem.”