Wednesday May 29 2013
Juventus remembers Heysel victims

Juventus have today marked 28 years since the Heysel Stadium disaster that claimed the lives of 39 football fans.

May 29, 1985 saw one of the game’s worst tragedies unfold prior to the European Cup Final between Juventus and Liverpool.

A total of 39 Juventus fans were killed and 600 more injured when they were pressed against a wall in the Heysel Stadium in Brussels.

Posting on their official website today, Juventus have marked the event, which happened exactly 28 years ago.

“Juventus Football Club today remembers the 39 innocent victims of the Heysel disaster in Brussels,” began the statement released alongside a picture reading ‘in memory’.

“On 29 May 1985, the European Cup Final between Juventus and Liverpool, an occasion which should have represented a true celebration of football, was hit by one of the worst tragedies in the history of the sport.

“Before kick-off at the Heysel Stadium, the English hooligans caused a violent uproar against the Italian supporters.

“The facility suffered from serious structural problems and the Sector Z collapsed while the Bianconeri fans were looking for an escape route: 39 people died and 600 were injured.

“In order to prevent further disorder, officials opted to go ahead with the game, but the occasion and its subsequent result were never capable of erasing the tragic scenes witnessed prior to kick-off.

“Since then, today’s date, 29 May, can only be a moment of pain, silence and reflection.

“The Heysel tragedy and its victims will never be forgotten, with a star dedicated to each and every one of them at the club’s new home, Juventus Stadium.

“A special tribute has also been installed at Juventus Museum, where family members are free to pay their own individual respects whenever they wish.

“Yet these little gestures aren’t purely designed to honour the indelible memories of those deceased. They need to act as a reminder, for everyone.

“Each of us has the duty to remember that such mindless violence should never be allowed to occur. Ever again.”