Wednesday May 29 2013
Corini explains Chievo exit

Eugenio Corini explained why he opted not to stay on as Chievo Coach. “We realised there weren’t the conditions to continue.”

The former Flying Donkeys midfielder had been brought in to replace Domenico Di Carlo mid-season and took the team to safety, but today announced a split by mutual consent.

“Nothing in particular happened,” he told calcionews24. “We are talking about sensations here. We looked each other in the eyes and realised there weren’t the conditions to continue.

“Our history together didn’t deserve a disagreement, so we accepted it was best if we went our separate ways, maintaining mutual respect.

“We achieved something extraordinary together considering we started out with a large handicap, the January transfer window didn’t provide us with what we were expecting and we had to change the goalkeeper.

“Perhaps what we achieved will only truly be appreciated in the future. I am certainly happy to have had a season in Serie A, repaying the club for the faith it had in me at this level.

“Of course there were difficulties, as is normal, but the important thing is to overcome them with head held high.”

There are already strong reports that Corini has been approached by another of his former clubs, Palermo.

“We’ll see what the future holds, as until today my priority was to understand if we could continue this journey with Chievo.

“I proved that I deserve to be in Serie A. Now we’ll see.”