Saturday June 1 2013
De Laurentiis: 'I'll buy English club!'

Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis has announced he will “buy an English club and install Edoardo Reja as Coach.”

There had been reports today that the patron wanted to buy a satellite club abroad, similar to the set-up Udinese have with Watford and Granada, but this evening he confirmed the details.

“I called Reja over the last few days and told him I intend to expand my football empire,” De Laurentiis told Radio Marte.

“I want to buy three clubs, including one in England, so I asked Reja if he would be willing to be the Coach and he said he’s available. Obviously, if when something happens he has taken on another commitment, then I’ll seek someone else.

“In my life I have always been in love with Naples and its culture. I want to bring this city around the world. Some of my friends say they’ve never seen the city and I wonder how that is even possible.”

The patron and Hollywood mogul will hold a Twitter Press Conference tomorrow, answering directly to supporters about new boss Rafa Benitez and their transfer strategy.

He already told the official club radio station that Fabio Pecchia is indeed being lined up as Benitez’s assistant manager.

“Pecchia is a person I like a great deal, so we are evaluating a role for him within the club. He’s educated, smart and knows several languages. I want to make Napoli international.

“As for Walter Mazzarri, I am sure he’ll do well at Inter. You’ll see he will do great things and bring them back to the top.

“I knew nothing about football when I arrived, but I learned on the field with great humility starting from Serie C. We already started balancing the books from Serie B, so I am happy to have received an award as an innovator.

“The victories of Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich confirmed my theories on fair play, as in Germany the wages are not stratospheric. Their results are due to the income and in my own small way I helped the Napoli brand to evolve. I above all thank the fans, those who come to the stadium and watch us from home.”