Tuesday June 4 2013
Serie A extends transfer deadline

As expected, Serie A has extended its transfer session to September 2, but refused to lift the limits on non-EU players.

There had already been reports that the FIGC would bring its transfer deadline into line with the rest of Europe and that was confirmed in this evening’s general meeting.

The summer session will now run from July 1 to September 2, whereas before the Italian deadline was on August 31.

The January transfer window runs from January 3-31 and payment systems have also been matched with other European Leagues to make moves simpler.

However, the appeal by clubs to remove the limit on non-EU players has been rejected.

Serie A sides can only register two non-EU players and must sell one to a foreign club in order to free up room for a replacement.

“The problem is not one of numbers, but of quality,” explained FIGC President Giancarlo Abete.

“Our objective with this rule is to ensure those players who come into the League are of the highest quality.”

The Federation also ruled that patrons can own more than one professional club as long as they are not competing in the same League.

This problem was raised by Lazio President Claudio Lotito, who also owns Salernitana. The formerly bankrupt club gained promotion into Lega Pro this summer, which is Italy’s third division.

“There would be no point investing in an amateur division club without a plan towards growth,” added Abete.


Lotito can therefore continue to own both clubs, but will have to sell one if they both end up in the same division.