Saturday June 15 2013
Lazio-Juve war over Super Cup

A huge row erupted over the Italian Super Cup, as Lazio claim they’ll sue for damages and Juventus called Claudio Lotito’s words “offensive.”

The game traditionally opens the season and is played between the Scudetto holders and Coppa Italia winners.

It was meant to be in Beijing in August, but Juve argued they could not make it due to their US tour, so negotiations are underway to play in Toronto or even Rome.

“Juve first said yes, then took it all back. They probably think they are able to order everyone else about,” slammed Lazio President Lotito.

“We are happy to play anywhere, Rome or Toronto, but they want to play in Turin. Lazio have stood by all the rules. I haven’t spoken to President Andrea Agnelli, as it would be pointless. He is shirking the commitments he made.

“Lazio are losing €1.8m from the summer tour of Colombia and the money guaranteed by the organisers to play in Beijing, so this doesn’t end here. We want to be compensated.”

Juventus hit back with an official statement: “Lotito has released statements that have become progressively more offensive, unacceptable and often untrue. He is evidently taking no notice of the trophy victory that earned S.S. Lazio the right to contest the Italian Super Cup, but is instead focusing on the monetary sum he thinks the club entitled to.

“Juventus Football Club has always respected the regulations and decisions of the Lega Calcio, as shown most recently by the letter sent on 8 March 2013 which explained that the club would be unable to contest the Italian Super Cup abroad.

“In the following Assembly meetings, the Super Cup was often one of the main topics on the agenda but it was never discussed, least of all was any decision ever reached on the matter.

“For months, the Lega Calcio management ignored Juventus’ aforementioned stance on the matter and for some days they have been tolerating Lotito’s words and behaviour which are both unacceptable to the life of the association and also harmful to Juventus.”

Lazio replied again with a statement of their own, warning Juve’s comments were “without foundation. It has been known for months that the Super Cup was to be played in Beijing and contracts were signed by the Lega, of which the clubs are a part.

“Lazio declared themselves ready to find other solutions that could be agreed upon, but Juventus believe they can impose their decisions on others and that is unacceptable, especially as it would have serious economic consequences.

“The meetings are organised by the Lega, an association with 20 clubs, and decisions are made by the majority rather than those who demand – wrongly – to impose themselves on others.”

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