Monday June 17 2013
Date but no venue for Super Cup

The Italian Super Cup between Juventus and Lazio looks like it will be played somewhere in Italy, rather than China, on August 18.

The Italian champions and the Coppa Italia holders have been unable to so far reach an agreement on a date or a venue for the annual pre-season opener.

Lazio have requested that the tie be played in Beijing in order to get the share of €6m in prize money.

However, Juve have refused the China option seeing as they’ve already agreed to take part in a lucrative pre-season tour of America.

“By now, it is pretty obvious that the tie will be played in Italy on August 18,” Lega Calcio chief Maurizio Beretta told Sky Sport 24.

“No decision has been made on whether that will be played in Turin, Rome or Milan though,” he continued.

“I hope that a mutual solution can be found as soon as possible, even if we will talk about this topic anyway at the Lega meeting on June 27.”