Tuesday June 25 2013
Serie A investigating Moggi and agents

Alessandro Moggi insists he is “relaxed” after financial police raided 41 clubs investigating potential fraud and tax evasion.

The raids hit 41 different clubs between Serie A, B and Lega Pro, but statements from Udinese, Chievo and the Lega Serie A suggest Moggi and colleagues are the real targets.

“The Lega Serie A wishes to make clear that today the Financial Police staged an operation to acquire documents from various clubs as part of an investigation that seems to regard the activity of sporting agents.

“The clubs offered their utmost collaboration and the Lega Serie A has no reason to doubt the behaviour of its associates.”

Udinese confirmed one of the targets was Moggi – the son of former Juventus director general Luciano Moggi (pictured) – and his clients.

“The financial police is doing its work, they have to ascertain if there are any illegalities or not. In any case, I am relaxed,” said Moggi this evening.