Saturday June 29 2013
Bonucci: 'Penalty a life lesson'

Leonardo Bonucci admits “it’ll be difficult to forget” his penalty miss against Spain, but it “triggered something in me.”

The Italy defender ballooned over the bar during the shoot-out, deciding the Confederations Cup semi-final on Thursday evening.

“Hello to everyone,” he wrote on his official website ahead of Sunday's third place final with Uruguay.

“Taking a penalty in a semi-final and missing is something that will be difficult to forget. As a player and a professional I am truly disappointed, but as an Italian even more so!!!

“At the end of the game, however, it triggered something in me. I was sad, but all of a sudden I felt this strong rage and desire to make up for it that you cannot comprehend.

“If before I wanted to improve myself, then after this experience I feel a desire to dream that is indescribable!!

“I find that sport is a fantastic metaphor and seeing a defeat as a life lesson is my philosophy.

“Well, what else to say. Forza Azzurri. Forza Leonardo.”