Tuesday July 2 2013
Singer: 'Stop using Roma anthem'

The writer of the official Roma anthem has asked the club to stop using it, as “this is no longer the Roma that I knew.”

The last few seasons have been difficult for fans and seen American owners go through a series of Coaches.

There was also controversy this summer when the Giallorossi ordered a revamp of the club symbol to aid overseas marketing.

“In all honesty, I’d prefer it if Roma stopped using the anthem, because this is no longer the Roma that I knew,” singer-songwriter Antonello Venditti revealed on Centro Suono Sport.

He wrote both the legendary song Grazie Roma, which is played in the Stadio Olimpico after victories, and the official anthem Roma Roma Roma that is over the tannoy system before each home game.

“I cannot see the current club in the anthems I wrote. If Roma no longer want to use my songs, then they will remain in the hearts of the fans.

“I am saying this because there was a rumour going round that the club had commissioned a new anthem. I’m here to tell them go ahead, it’s not a problem. I would like the people to be allowed to participate more in this Roma.

“The current owners are not giving the right value to the very word Roma or to this city. You can’t visit Pope Francis with a Boston Celtics shirt on.”

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