Tuesday July 9 2013
Roma in 'wiretap' row

An extraordinary scandal is erupting after Roma threatened legal action against a radio station that aired private conversations between their directors.

The Giallorossi released a statement this evening warning they would take legal action against anyone who committed the “crime” of illegally intercepting a phone call.

The conversation between director of sport Walter Sabatini and general manager Claudio Fenucci was apparently recorded because one of the two men forgot to hang up the phone after they had spoken to the staff for an interview.

Because of that, the radio station released its own statement pointing out “if a director leaves his phone on after a conversation and we hear him when he’s talking to someone else, it is certainly not our fault.” They have in turn threatened legal action against Roma.

In amongst all this, the content of the conversation has fallen by the wayside, but will be of great interest to Giallorossi supporters.

Sabatini explained to Fenucci that he had clearly ordered Pablo Daniel Osvaldo to begin pre-season training with the squad on Tuesday with everyone else rather than on Friday.

He noted this was because he wanted Osvaldo to receive the insults that other players had when arriving at the training camp this morning.

Sabatini hoped that the abuse would push Osvaldo towards accepting a £17m move to Southampton, which he had otherwise turned down.

The Italy international is currently on vacation in Chicago.

In the conversation, the directors also let slip that Barcelona target Marquinhos would be sold immediately if the offer reached €25m plus commission for his agents.

It was also noted that Daniele De Rossi is on the market for the right price.

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