Wednesday July 10 2013
Abete trusts Calcioscommesse trial

FIGC President Giancarlo Abete is confident the Serie A season “can begin with clarity” after Lazio and Genoa were charged in a match-fixing scandal.

The Calcioscommesse trial took another twist this morning when eight players were charged with varying degrees of involvement in the fixing of Lazio-Genoa and Lecce-Lazio in May 2011.

The clubs – including Lecce in Lega Pro – risk the deduction of points in the new season, as they are 'objectively responsible' for the actions of their players, whether aware of them or not.

“There is always the objective to have clarity in a practicable time-frame, but that must not impact on the process of the trial itself,” explained Abete to ANSA news agency.

“A trial must first of all give the utmost guarantee that those accused can defend themselves, because compressing that right to a defence would be unacceptable.

“We can organise things in such a way that the season can begin with clarity on the scenarios involved.”

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