Friday July 12 2013
Tevez: 'Harder work than in England'

Carlos Tevez already realised Juventus and Serie A are going to be tough. “I’ll certainly have to run much more than in England...”

The former Manchester City striker started pre-season training this week under Antonio Conte’s orders.

“I found a team ready to target an historic third consecutive Scudetto, but who can also win the Champions League,” he told journalists in Chatillon.

“What do I say after my first day of training? Well, I’ll certainly have to run much more than in England...

“Feeling the passion of the fans is important for me. I came here to work hard and it took me just half a session to realise I’ll have to work harder than in England.”

Juventus director general Beppe Marotta also spoke to the media this afternoon and commented on the forward.

“We are happy to have Tevez here, as he represents the present and the future of Juventus. The leader of this group is without doubt Conte, who has great charisma and manages to transmit that grit to the squad.”

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