Saturday July 20 2013
Llorente: 'Juve make me better'

Fernando Llorente expressed his joy at the new Juventus experience. “I know I can improve here.”

The Spanish striker held a Press conference this afternoon at the team’s pre-season training camp in Chatillon.

“Antonio Conte’s methods are excellent and I’m very happy to work alongside him,” said the forward who joined on a free transfer from Athletic Bilbao.

“I’ve never seen anything like the welcome I got from the Juventus fans. They are magnificent. We are working hard at the moment, which is tough, but that’s the way it needs to be. I’m very happy right now, as it was a tough year in Bilbao, but now I am working to be in the best possible shape.”

In games between ranks Llorente has already started to improve his rapport with teammate Carlos Tevez.

“I’m very happy to be playing alongside Tevez, but I get along with all the other strikers too. Our most important objective for this season is a third consecutive Scudetto.

“As for the Champions League, we need to take each game as it comes. We know that anything can happen, but I believe we have a very strong side.

“I chose Juventus because I think this is a great team and I know that I can improve here. Many sides have strengthened over the summer in Italy, but I’d say it is still too early to predict who our main rivals will be.

“I would say Serie A is on the same level as the Liga and the Premier League.”