Tuesday July 23 2013
Milan don't need new buys

Milan have so far failed to make any signings this summer, but Alex Mott wonders if that will work to their advantage.

Silly season has started all over Europe. Between June and August 31, the football world goes into overdrive with no rumour seemingly off limits. Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Napoli? Why not? Lionel Messi to Monaco? That’ll work. But despite all the nonsense and hokum that is spouted over the summer transfer window, genuine, bona fide deals have been struck in Serie A.

Clubs all over the peninsula have seen big names out of the door, but crucially parted with cash to see other marquee players come back in. Fiorentina let Stevan Jovetic go to Manchester City for €30m, but reinvested some of that for Bayern Munich hitman Mario Gomez and Palermo’s Josip Ilicic. Inter have been incredibly busy, gambling on young starlets Ishak Belfodil and Mauro Icardi.

Under Rafael Benitez, Napoli are coming to terms with Edinson Cavani’s exit by splashing out on Real Madrid pair Raul Albiol and Jose Maria Callejon, with Los Blancos teammate Gonzalo Higuain expected to arrive at the Partenopei very soon.

Juventus have added to their already world-class squad by signing up Carlos Tevez and Fernando Llorente for the grand total of €9m.

Lazio have brought in Anderlecht’s highly-rated midfielder Lucas Biglia and, just as good as a signing, seem set to keep hold of star playmaker Hernanes. On the other side of the capital, new Roma boss Rudi Garcia has opened up the American cheque book for Mehdi Benatia, Douglas Maicon and Morgan De Sanctis. Even Parma have got in on the act – Antonio Cassano has left the bright lights of San Siro and shacked up at Stadio Ennio Tardini.

That then, just leaves Milan. The Rossoneri. ‘The Most Successful Club in World Football,’ as they so often tell everyone. Rumours have been circulating all summer over potential signings for Massimiliano Allegri’s men. Ilicic was on the verge of a transfer, but chose the Viola instead. Adem Ljajic was meant to be on his way, but Robinho stayed put and the deal was off. Keisuke Honda has been signalling his intent to sign for the Diavolo for months – so far, nothing.

Some fans may bemoan the lack of ‘names’ coming into the club, but in this age of upheaval for the Italian top flight, is it in fact a good thing? With so many top teams making huge changes this summer, will Milan’s squad and managerial consistency actually be to their advantage in 2013-14?

We saw last season that the departures of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Thiago Silva, Pippo Inzaghi and a number of legends affected the team in a huge way. By October, losses to Udinese, Atalanta, Lazio, Inter and Sampdoria had all but ended their Scudetto challenge. But just one defeat post-Christmas showed the Rossoneri faithful that there was still something to shout about.

Mattia De Sciglio is a year older, Stephan El Shaarawy has a campaign under his belt. If the Confederations Cup is anything to go by, Mario Balotelli is as sharp as ever. This young team has gotten over the shock of losing a dozen of their best players and proved in the second half of last term that they are a match for anyone.

All this, added to the fact that Silvio Berlusconi stuck with Coach Allegri is proof positive that the Diavolo can challenge for the title come August, no matter who they do – or don’t – sign this summer.

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Your analogy sounds like it is coming from your own personal experiences. Lol!! You are such a wag sweetie!!
on the 25th July, 2013 at 8:51pm
@Rod well said mate, most fans don't seem to understand this that Berlusconi has bankrolled the club for the passion as fan.
Galliani is doing a brilliant job to get where we are now by doing some shrewd business.
Last year we did managed to get 3rd despite horrendous start to the season but this year I bet any Seria A follower that we will challenge any team to the title period.

Always Forza Milan
on the 25th July, 2013 at 6:26pm
Rod, relax son my analogies are just a joke 2 try and bring some humour to these miserable blogs full of mr burns type characters like you.

The only point from your comment i can comment on is your implication that Man U r not a top team. I hate Man U, but they r far superior to Milan, a team of beggars. Next time your in McDonald's go outside and you'll see berlusconi and galliani n sleeping bags asking for change, it's horrible to see such pathetic behaviour from in Italian team.
on the 25th July, 2013 at 6:06pm
@viktor's secret

Those players you mention became good. When they become good they leave Milan and go 2 a ambitious team.

Do you seriously think finishing third is an accomplishment? I call that a consistent failure. Juve don't finish third, we finish first, we strive to win not to make the CL by the skin of our teeth. If u ain't first, your last.

Milan WERE a great team when the dinosaurs existed. We all know Milan are heading the same way as the dinosaurs, can't win the league or CL
on the 25th July, 2013 at 6:02pm
Dino al, you list quite a few exceptions there dont you. Juve are not a selling club and i think we made a massive statement by rejecting the numerous advances for Vidal. Juve rejected big money. If you sell your best players it send out the wrong messages to anybody with ambition. That is where Milan fail. Everytime they get a good player, Madrid come and snatch him. It really is like taking candy from a baby. I could probably buy berlusconi's best players he would prob do anything for a fiver
on the 25th July, 2013 at 5:53pm
Milan need to buy a lion. A real lion!!! And a CB. Now!!!
on the 25th July, 2013 at 5:52pm
@rod because every single major European club seems to be able to rack up millions of euros worth of debt and still spend serious bucks successfully every season without one second of hesitation. To add to that point i feel like hurting myself when i hear that milan is in debt due to player wages, seriously we are in the red from paying wages for the likes of muntari traore etc. I thought this was supposed to be sorted out when milan sold sheva kaka and ibra because of their high wage demands?
on the 25th July, 2013 at 3:58pm
Fiorentina have vastly improved, Milan have not. I wouldnt be suprised if Fiorentina get the last CL spot this year
on the 25th July, 2013 at 2:34pm
Milan are strong enough to survive and remain in the top 4 of Serie A, but we still need good backup and some summer signings would help their title challenge no end.
It does worry me how we trust in two young strikers who are awesome, but they can't play brilliantly every game and pull Milan out fo the fire every weekend!

Milan still need a refresh in many areas and for them to finally shrug off the hangover of the past legends which we all miss...

Forza Milan, Forza Azzurri...
on the 25th July, 2013 at 12:23pm
BOSS. Your analogies are really bad. Ugly Guys in a club pulling up in a car! What? Man U the real man? Laughable.
on the 25th July, 2013 at 9:57am
Simple fact is Milan cannot afford big players anymore like they used to. Milan used to run at a deficit every year, and these debts were covered by Fininvest i.e. Berlusconi. Fininvest were fined 500m euros and therefore cannot afford to cover Milans debts anymore, meaning Milan must operate at a profit or at the very least far less debt than before. Its as simple as that. Why can people not understand this?!
on the 25th July, 2013 at 9:52am
Thanks to Berlusconi's Bunga Bunga antics, Milan's transfer budget is going to Veronica Lario, 100,000 Euros a day at a time. Berlusconi is desperate to sell the club to the Arabs / Chinese... anyone. And any true Milan fan should be happy to see the back of the loathsome creep.
on the 25th July, 2013 at 8:40am

Since 2007 Milan have nursed thiago silva, kaka, de scigilio, abate, ibra, ses, to mention a few. We also have gone throughout knock outs in CL EVERY year except for once. League we've ended top 3 EVERY year. No team I italy can say that

Yes juve is superior at the moment and have by far the most interesting starting 11 but don't for a second neglect Milan's greatness as a club in the past and in the present.
on the 25th July, 2013 at 7:03am

That's all? Zip it? It's almost as you know how wrong you are. Wonder what team you're going to support this seasons. Monaco have a good team enough for you? Or maybe psg now with cavani. I'm thrilled to hear your next pathetic statement. Go play ps3? Who says that?

Forza Milan
on the 25th July, 2013 at 6:57am
I agree, Milan's new "stability" will be a advantage,
Holding on to el Shaarawy, Bonera are wise moves. Napoli is already destoryed by Benitez's signing spree revolution, it won't work. Galiani on the other hand has strengthened the Milan bench with talented young players, which bring the "old Milan" feel.
Saponara as new Kaka, Andrea P. as Andrea P. and Petagna as "Ronaldo"s look alike. ;-)Also the winter signing of Balotelli last season made a huge difference, now it will be Honda. Wise Baldy
on the 25th July, 2013 at 12:21am

You are talking about fixing games with ghost penalties but yet still it is your team that has been relegated to Serie B for fixing games. So think before you open your mouth..AC Milan shirt is heavier than yours or any other team in the world! Show some respect or simply I will ignore you..
on the 24th July, 2013 at 11:38pm

I find your analogy quiet amusing and as true as it may be that Milan has lost some of it's appeal they remain a great club and honestly with the exception of Man City, Monaco, PSG, Man United, Bayern, Real, Barca and soon Inter the rest are all selling clubs.

Going back to my original comment: Selling certain players for a profit is part of balancing books and running a great club so what are your thoughts on Juve's inability to sell Iaquinta, Amauri, Melo, Motta and quiet a few others for profit as well as the nightmare deal with Parma over Giovinco?
on the 24th July, 2013 at 11:03pm
Hahhahahah lion king!!!! Hahhahahha classic blogging.. mustafaa you need to chillout mate. Like and angry school kid! Maybe lion king will help. Its on dvd you know! "In the jungle the mighty jungle mustafaa sleeps tonight!!!!!"
on the 24th July, 2013 at 9:53pm
I think anyone that accuses milan of good financial management has lost their minds, over the last 5 years milan has let go of over 50 players yet the wage bill has actually increased. In comparison for me the likes of pato robinho dinho ibra cassano mexes who are considered some of the best signings made in recent years have nothing on rui costa pirlo seedorf kaka sheva nesta stam cafu. I haven't even brought up the likes of munaturi adiyiah trore etc and you want milan to sign more players?
on the 24th July, 2013 at 8:57pm
Dino al, balancing books is part of managing a great club? You mean a 'cheap' club. Milan are far from great. I'm glad you have noticed milan are now a selling team. Milan are like the ugly guy in the club who just happens to pull up in a warm car to give some damsels in distress a ride when they need it most. But, when a real man (analogy - Madrid/barca/man u) comes along the girls go running. Milan get used, they're a platform now.
on the 24th July, 2013 at 7:34pm
Easy Musstttaaaffaaa.. Internet tough guy over here eh? It's easy to talk tough knowing you'll never have to face those you trash on line isn't it? I'm pretty sure you're a 12 year old who lives in mommy's basement. I told you just because you Wiki Serie A and see that Juve have the most titles doesn't make you a true fan. You're an embarrassment to everyone who truly loves this game and you're even more of an embarrassment to all Juve fans. Shhhhh Mustafa.. Shhhhh... You're now dismissed.
on the 24th July, 2013 at 7:33pm
If uncle feister was serious about sorting out milans supposed financial problems the likes of Robinho and Boateng, Constant and emanualson should have been cleared out this summer, Robinho wages alone are a joke considering what he contributes. Its clear to everyone and their dog, milan need a center back and a passer of the ball in midfield but I guess hes waiting for someones contract to expire, maybe we will get Xavi... in few seasons... when hes 38.
on the 24th July, 2013 at 7:31pm
@Viktoria's secret

Milan have won more European titles then any Italian team that is true. BUT juve have won far more scudettos then any Italian team.

So we look at where the two teams are today, juve rose from the ashes, came back 2 serie a, dismantled every other team, bought their own stadium, now juve are a BIG team in other countries.

What have Milan done? Ah yes signed beckham, Milan is a retirement home. 2007 u should not have been in the CL 4 match fixing cheating gits.
on the 24th July, 2013 at 7:29pm
@mustuffU, who lets this douche post? This fool with a name from the lion king adds nothing 2 this site except poor literacy.

Ben, those amounts were not all one season were they. Also if you paid any attention you would know that Milan buy these players in bizarre mortgage type of agreements. Visit a few Santander branches i bet you'll find galliani and berlusconi there trying to haggle for a loan 2 buy.....yes you guessed it, HONDA, no not the fat guy from street fighter, just a random guy
on the 24th July, 2013 at 7:22pm
@ Marc F

You're as pathetic as almost all the stupid Milanistas in here. Go play PS3
on the 24th July, 2013 at 5:44pm
@ Viktoria & Stupidmator

Zip it
on the 24th July, 2013 at 5:39pm
Milan should invest in Alfred Finnbogason of Heerenven. Also it will be very interesting to see how Saponara will do, having the 8 on his back.
on the 24th July, 2013 at 4:32pm
I love some of the Juve fans talking about the penalties that Milan get and how those penalties are guaranteed and blah blah blah lol.. Juve fans are the last people on the planet that should be talking gifts. Calciopoli.. oh wait, that didn't really happen, it was all a smear job. A million offsides that were WAY off and never called. A goal 2 years ago the crossed the line by about 3 feet which was seen by 1.2 billion people except the linesman. Yeah, Milan have all the calls lol..
on the 24th July, 2013 at 4:17pm
I'm a Juventino so I obviously take delight when we're returning to dominant ways, but I must say that it's important to have a strong Milan. Whenever there's been a strong Juve-Milan, we've had an excellent Nazionale...and that's important in a WC year.
For one reason or another, they have a strong focus on youth and I hope it pays off. Unlike Inter, with their focus on 40 yr old Argentines...
on the 24th July, 2013 at 3:29pm
Please stop banging on about honda! He really isnt that great! Look at what has left us in the last 4 years and look at what has been brought in. How can we be acting like we are in financial ruin when belusconi has pocketed all the transfers for kaka, silva and ibra! We sre taloing over 100million here- balo was brought in to distract us from this very fact! 24 million thats all we spent on basically a media magnet who scores penalties. Belusconi needs to sell up. Sick of this!!....
on the 24th July, 2013 at 3:17pm

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