Wednesday July 24 2013
Maradona: 'Higuain belongs at Napoli'

Diego Armando Maradona is “doubly overjoyed” at Gonzalo Higuain joining Napoli, but blasted Carlos Tevez and Juventus.

El Pibe de Oro remains a legend in Naples with his murals depicted all over the city after winning two Scudetto titles.

“Receiving the news that Pipita is the new Napoli striker makes me doubly overjoyed,” Maradona told

“I am happy for the player, who has always been my pupil. I am certain he’ll give great satisfaction to my fellow Napoli fans who deserve the respect of Italian and European football for being the real example of sport and healthy values.

“Then, a real Argentine could never play in Turin.”

Maradona’s comment was referencing the fact Higuain had been extremely close to joining Juventus earlier this summer.

The Bianconeri opted to sign Tevez from Manchester City instead – who is also Argentinean.

“I hope the Neapolitans, who are always in my heart, can finally celebrate and be champions again with a team that represents them and the city in the world, just as it did during my golden years.

“Therefore I wish dear Higuain, Napoli and all my Neapolitans the very best of luck.”

Higuain and Pepe Reina arrived in Italy today for their medicals, completing a €37m move from Real Madrid and loan switch from Liverpool respectively.