Monday July 29 2013
Serie A 2013-14: The big games

There are some big games straight away in the Serie A 2013-14 campaign, while the Milan Derby is a Christmas treat.

The fixture list was drawn up this evening in a ceremony in Milan, as the tournament kicks off on August 24-25 and concludes on May 18 2014. Click here for the full calendar.

Roma-Lazio comes early into the campaign in Week 4, the same round as a Milan-Napoli Scudetto showdown. 

Week 7 is extremely interesting, as it includes Inter-Roma, Juventus-Milan and Lazio-Fiorentina.

The Milan Derby will be just a few days before Christmas, while Walter Mazzarri and Rafa Benitez face their past in mid-December.

Also worth noting is that the final round of the season will see Juventus-Cagliari, Napoli-Verona, Milan-Sassuolo, Chievo-Inter and Fiorentina-Torino.

These are some of the most intriguing fixtures:

Week 1: Lazio-Udinese

Week 2: Juventus-Lazio

Week 3: Inter-Juventus, Sampdoria-Genoa

Week 4: Milan-Napoli, Roma-Lazio

Week 5: Inter-Fiorentina

Week 7: Inter-Roma, Juventus-Milan, Lazio-Fiorentina

Week 8: Fiorentina-Juventus, Milan-Udinese, Roma-Napoli

Week 9: Udinese-Roma

Week 10: Fiorentina-Napoli, Milan-Lazio

Week 11: Milan-Fiorentina, Udinese-Inter

Week 12: Juventus-Napoli

Week 13: Udinese-Fiorentina

Week 14: Juventus-Udinese, Lazio-Napoli

Week 15: Napoli-Udinese, Roma-Fiorentina

Week 16: Milan-Roma, Napoli-Inter

Week 17: Inter-Milan

Week 18: Juventus-Roma, Lazio-Inter

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