Thursday August 8 2013
Nedved not amused by Allegri

Pavel Nedved has hit back at Milan boss Massimiliano Allegri’s jibe that Juventus need to get a sense of humour.

“I’m always calm,” the tactician said in an interview with the Gazzetta dello Sport yesterday. “It's just that Juve took one or two of my jokes a little too seriously.

“Someone over there should study humour. I'm lucky enough to be from Livorno. Humour comes naturally to me.”

Bianconero director Nedved clearly wasn’t too amused by the suggestions of the former Cagliari tactician.

“Our creed here is to be winners, not be nice,” the former Juventus and Czech Republic midfielder told Sport Mediaset.

“We take everything seriously here,” he added. “Being seen as pleasant is not our aim, being successful is.”