Friday August 16 2013
Mauri faces 'wealth of evidence'

Prosecutor Stefano Palazzi claims “Stefano Mauri is guilty of match-fixing and there is a wealth of evidence” in today’s appeal hearing.

The Federal Court of Appeal will hear both Mauri’s appeal against a six-month ban for failing to alert authorities to a potential fix and the prosecutor Palazzi’s appeal to have the original match-fixing charge reinstated.

It all revolves around two Serie A games in May 2011, Lazio 4-2 Genoa and Lecce 2-4 Lazio.

“Your decision is particularly important, as it can be a sign of progress for the sporting justice system,” said Palazzi in his deposition.

“You must help us to overcome the decisions and the mistakes made by the Disciplinary Commission: a gravely wrong decision that followed the theories of the defence.

“The starting point that is beyond dispute is that two games were altered. There is the proof that compensation came to Mario Cassano, Carlo Gervasoni and Alessandro Zamperini.

“We have all the contacts, a minute-by-minute photographic reconstruction of the fix’s creation. There is a wealth of evidence.

“Mauri is someone who was involved, otherwise they wouldn’t have disturbed him at 2am.”

The original Disciplinary Commission ruling found Mauri, Cassano and Stefano Ferrario guilty of not alerting the authorities to a potential fix.

Zamperini, Francesco Benassi, Omar Milanetto and Antonio Rosati were cleared of all wrong-doing, but risk huge bans if the Court of Appeal sides with Palazzi.

Mauri admits to using a friend’s telephone SIM card to place bets, but insisted they were not related to football and therefore allowed.