Wednesday August 28 2013
Allegri: 'I might resign tomorrow'

Massimiliano Allegri vented his anger at media and pundits after Milan’s Champions League win. “I might resign tomorrow…”

The Rossoneri beat PSV Eindhoven 3-0 on the night, winning 4-1 on aggregate to qualify for the competition. It had been reported Allegri would be fired by President Silvio Berlusconi if he didn’t get through.

“We went through the qualifying round and will play the Champions League, so tonight we concluded the comeback that we started in Serie A in January,” a visibly annoyed Allegri told Sport Mediaset.

“The lads fought hard, though PSV are a good team with great technique and we struggled at the start of the second half.

“There was some tension and anxiety, but the lads defended well and we only ran a few risks after the break.”

When asked about the tension of the situation and talk of being replaced, Allegri went down an unexpected route.

“For a couple of years this has been going on, so maybe I’ll resign tomorrow morning. I’ll think it over tonight…

“I am a little annoyed tonight, as I read things that have been written and believe people need to be more objective. There is pontificating from the outside. There should be respect for other people’s work, but I enjoy this, as I am pig-headed.

“I am satisfied with the performance, but very angry tonight. I am very angry, fortunately occasionally we win a game and the lads allow me to have some fun too.

“They are trying to make me angry from the outside, it doesn’t work. From the inside there is a good rapport with the general manager, the players and the club.

“Still some like to write rubbish, so when I read this pontificating about what they’d do – fine, come and take my place on the bench and see if you can get the results I have.

“I say this because every now and then you have to put up some barriers. I hope when my career ends, maybe at the age of 60 if I get there, I will go to Livorno, stay by the sea, go fishing, eat good food, drink good wine. I might watch a few games here and there, but not go around pontificating on what other people are doing.

“I am very happy with what the lads did, as they gave a great night to me, the fans and the President. I also thank the supporters, who stood by us during difficult moments. I don’t want to say anything else about the game. It’s the result that counts.”

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