Monday September 9 2013
Marotta calls for reform

Juventus director general Giuseppe Marotta has underlined how crucial new stadiums could be for the re-birth of Italian football.

Top Serie A sides are lagging behind their European rivals in terms of generating revenue, with council-owned arenas seen as a significant handicap.

“It's essential Italian football undergoes reform, beginning with stadium facilities, most of which are currently in disrepair,” Marotta said at a conference in Cernobbio.

“We need new legislation on stadiums because one of the reasons we're lagging behind other countries is the difference in income from them.”

Juventus, of course, are the exception given that they own the Juventus Stadium – a venue which will host Italy’s World Cup qualifier against the Czech Republic on Tuesday.

“It’s a modern stadium, part of the club's heritage, which is welcoming, iconic and safe. These are all prerequisites for a good arena,” added the former Sampdoria official.

“We hope the Italy game can be decisive for qualification. It’s a real point of pride for us to host the national team at the Juventus Stadium.”

Marotta also called on UEFA, European Football’s governing body, to help level out the playing field.

“The varying tax regimes in other countries are penalising Italian football,” Marotta said as he mirrored the concerns of Milan Vice-President Adriano Galliani.

“These need to be harmonised because otherwise they create disparity, which is why I hope UEFA intervene.”