Saturday September 14 2013
Parma slam Daily Mail article

Parma general manager Pietro Leonardi hit back at the Daily Mail’s criticism. “They don’t know what they’re talking about.”

This week the Daily Mail in England published a story criticising clubs who have many players out on loan or co-owned with others, targeting Parma as a prime example of this “unhealthy” trend.

“Parma have no money, but they do have a plan. They collect players and place them with rivals to develop. Nursery clubs, trading partners,” read the article by Martin Samuel.

“If it works, they take the dividend; if it does not, nothing is lost. It is the ultimate shift from transfer market to cattle market. The club figure that, if just 30 per cent of the herd progress, the project is a triumph. And for the 70 per cent discarded? Well, what were they anyway? Names, numbers. A list on a website.”

Today Parma general manager Leonardi hit back at the Daily Mail during a Press conference.
“In my view, this man knows nothing, but I accept it and thank him, because he gave us publicity.

“They don’t know what they’re talking about. If this writer knows nothing, that’s his problem. Just try asking the players how we treat them and they are free to respond, especially those who have left.”
The Daily Mail noted Parma have 30 players in the first team squad, 109 out on loan, 16 playing for Serie C1 nursery club Gubbio and 22 for Slovenian side Gorica, plus 44 who are co-owned with other clubs.

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