Thursday September 19 2013
Gervinho: 'Rome Derby is special'

Gervinho can’t wait for his first Rome Derby, as compared to previous French and English games “this is the most keenly felt.”

The former Arsenal and Lille forward is expected to start on Sunday afternoon at the Stadio Olimpico, as Roma take on local rivals Lazio.

“We have not spoken yet but I already know what the expectations are,” he told Roma Channel.

“Prior to the start of the season the fans are already talking about it. I’ve played some derbies in the past, both in Lille and in London, but this is probably the most keenly felt. We should not repeat past mistakes, it is a big game and has to be won.

“The intensity of the game will be very high, with many opportunities, exciting. I hope the fans will be at their maximum to support us but the important thing is that Roma could win the game.

“I only ask for maximum support and encouragement. We will do our best for a game that at the end I think we could win. Forza Roma!”

The Ivory Coast international is settling in to Serie A life and is reunited with his former Lille Coach Rudi Garcia.

“Regarding Garcia, at the beginning it was hard but then he was able to create a strong group, a familiar atmosphere and we won the League and the Cup.

“I’ve known him for a long time, he is not the same person as before, because he has improved on a professional level. Regarding his personality, he is able to give confidence to the players, to work well with them. Off the field he is a very nice person, on the field he is very strict and you will learn even here in Rome to know his qualities.

“Hopefully we can celebrate something together, dancing like crazy to celebrate something here in Rome.”