Tuesday October 1 2013
Cerci: 'At least Toro play honestly'

The Turin Derby social media war is not over yet, as Alessio Cerci said the Granata could be proud they had “played honestly.”

Juventus won the match 1-0 on Sunday with a Paul Pogba goal that should’ve been ruled offside.

The two clubs and their players have since been exchanging barbed comments via their official websites and Twitter accounts.

Torino striker Cerci added to the row with a message on his Facebook page.

“Winning would’ve been wonderful, but there are things that are worth more than a victory. For example being able to leave the pitch with heads held high, knowing that we played honestly.

“There is no defeat in the heart of those who battle!”

Meanwhile, head of the AIA (Referees’ Association) Stefano Braschi insisted the controversy has been blown out of proportion.

“We got two offsides wrong in the space of three days and this perhaps amplified everything,” he said, referring also to Alberto Paloschi’s goal incorrectly ruled out in Chievo 1-2 Juventus.

“Looking at the global situation, in 20 games between Wednesday and Sunday there were 250 correct calls. The percentage of errors is in fact very low.”