Wednesday October 2 2013
Bonucci: 'It was my mistake'

Leonardo Bonucci took the blame for Galatasaray’s opening goal, but insisted Juventus “ran very few risks.”

The defender’s poor backpass allowed Didier Drogba to score in a 2-2 Champions League draw.

“It was my mistake, as my pass was too short and unfortunately Drogba did well to take advantage of it. We know that in Europe you cannot get away with this sort of error.

“On the first goal it was my individual error, but other than that we ran very few risks. The moment we moved badly in defence, we conceded.

“I always said we had to improve in Europe and now we must work on what we’ve learned in this match.”

It is a curious statistic that Juventus have conceded the first goal on five different occasions this season, including both in the Champions League.

“Obviously in recent matches we have often gone behind and opponents hope to attack me as last man. I always try to find an alternative, getting the ball when there are others around me.

“In 200 passes per game there can be one that is misplaced. It’s just a matter of a split second of concentration, but that doesn’t mean we go on to the field with less aggression or adrenaline than in the last two years.

“We managed to turn the game around tonight, but unfortunately were unable to hold on to that lead. We are Juventus and that means going out to win every game.”

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