Saturday October 5 2013
De Rossi: 'Don't call me Capitan Futuro'

Daniele De Rossi has no regrets at missing out on silverware to stay with Roma, but “stop calling me Capitan Futuro.”

The midfielder, like Francesco Totti, looks set to spend his entire career at his hometown club, rejecting offers from the most prestigious teams in the world.

“If I had gone to play elsewhere, such as Barcelona, I probably would’ve won more,” De Rossi told Sky Sport Italia.

“My story is the same as Totti’s. But then you think of the people of Rome and the love of the fans, so that thought goes.”

For many years he has been nicknamed ‘Future Captain,’ but the midfielder finally reveals it’s not something he appreciates.

“I was never crazy about the name and I think we should leave it be, as I am proud to be vice-captain of Roma.

“Francesco is ahead of me and to know I’ll only take the armband when he retires is not a pleasing thought for me or the fans. Nobody will celebrate that day going ‘Hurray, De Rossi has become the captain!’

“We will all be sad because that’ll mean the best player in the history of Roma will hang up his boots. Besides, you don’t need an armband to be happy, as it’s enough for me to have my teammates see me as a friend and the fans as a symbol.”

De Rossi was also asked about the ugly spectre of racism in the stadiums, as Roma and Lazio have recently been ordered to play with the Curva closed.

“It is hateful, but how many of those who chant in the stadium are really racist and how many are just ignorant? They do it to offend an opposition player, to have a laugh on something that is just not funny. Ignorance will never be completely eradicated and I fear racism won’t either.”

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