Tuesday October 8 2013
Lega: 'Troublemakers given control'

Lega Serie A President Maurizio Beretta believes the clampdown on racist or discriminatory abuse is “handing the stadium keys to tiny trouble-making groups.”

The rules to combat racist abuse in stadiums have been expanded to cover ‘territorial discrimination.’

Milan were therefore ordered to play their next home game against Udinese behind closed doors because of chants insulting to Neapolitans.

“With these latest sanctions we risk handing the stadium keys and the regularity of the tournament to tiny trouble-making groups,” said Beretta.

“This is penalising the rights of thousands and thousands of real fans.”

A protest movement is growing within the ultras to counter this clampdown by breaking the rules simultaneously, hoping to force an entire Serie A weekend to be played behind closed doors.

The Inter and Juventus ultras have already released statements confirming they will adhere to it in solidarity with their Milan counterparts.

They claim insulting people from other towns is not on a par with racist abuse and shouldn’t be penalised with the same severity.