Friday October 11 2013
Del Piero on Totti, Tevez, Australia

Alessandro Del Piero has thanked Francesco Totti for his support, considered Carlos Tevez’s start in the Juventus No 10 and reflected on life in Australia.

The former Bianconero was listed by Totti late last month as having not received the same treatment from Juventus that he has received from Roma, who have just handed him a new contract.

“I thank him for the respect and consideration that he has for me, it is fully reciprocated,” Del Piero responded through the Corriere dello Sport today.

“The history with Totti at Roma is beautiful, I am happy that he will continue there until the end of his career.

“It is good that the club continue to believe in him and the results are there. I know what it means to recover from a difficult season.

“Roma are doing very well. Sometimes teams click into something very strange, it doesn’t take much to change gear.

“He’s approaching my record of goals scored for a single club? Wow, so I was wrong to congratulate him for the start to the season.

“Records are made to be broken, I hope that Francesco succeeds.”

The 38-year-old then turned his attention to his former side, who sit third in Serie A after seven games played.

“I have seen them a little recently, but six wins and a draw from their first seven games does not seem to be something to just dismiss.

“Carlos Tevez’s form in the No 10 shirt? It confirms what I said a while ago - it is right not to retire the No 10 shirt.

“It must remain a dream for everyone. It seems to me that Tevez has started very well. I hope that he continues.”

The veteran is gearing up for a second season plying his trade in Australia, where it is seen that his presence at Sydney FC has boosted interest in the A-League.

“It cannot be judged only on me. I look to the words of the [Football Federation Australia chief executive] David Gallop - attendances in stadiums have increased by 100 per cent, 40 per cent in pay-TV ratings, there has been a growth in the sale of merchandise.

“These are incredible results, and I have noted in all the stadiums I have been to the great enthusiasm and the desire to go to the ground to enjoy the spectacle of football.

“This was not always granted in a country that offers tremendous opportunity to see other top level sport.

“If I have helped, as they are saying, to achieve all of this, I can only be satisfied.

“How have I changed after a year in Australia? I have gone back in time discovering things that I had lost, like going to the park to play with the kids, or dining outdoors, living with the door open.

“In short, this is more of a feeling of everyday life, and are the things that make me think I have changed a little. I hope for the better.”

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