Friday October 11 2013
Cambiasso: We'll fight for third

Esteban Cambiasso has insisted that Inter will fight until the end of the season to claim a Champions League place.

The Nerazzurri have enjoyed a superb start to the season, but after the defeat to Roma in the last round of matches are currently five points behind Juventus in third.

“What did we say to each other after Inter v Roma? A lot of players are with their national teams and we’re trying to hit our best form,” he told Sky Sport Italia.

“When they get back we’ll all discuss it. We’re not here to dwell on criticism we’ve been getting. We’re just focusing on ourselves. We don’t go overboard with opinions about ourselves when we win or when we lose one game.

“Can we compete for the top three spots? We’ll do our best and fight to make it as high as possible for this project. I don’t believe in how teams look ‘on paper’, only in how they look on the pitch.

The Argentine then went on to comment on countryman Mauro Icardi’s start to the season, and the issue of territorial discrimination that has been the hot topic in Italy over recent weeks.

"Icardi? He’s a good forward who can become a great one. It takes time, but he’s already on his way. He’s on the right track. He looks more like Batistuta or Crespo than Cruz..

"Closing the stadiums for discriminatory chants? Chanting has been around as long as football has. There needs to be more discussion rather than closed stadiums. When I was a kid at school and a student started to shout or stood up on his seat or desk the teachers would reply that we weren’t in the stadium.

“So already at that age you had the feeling that anything was allowed at the stadium. There have always been offensive chants from the stands towards the players, and I believe there always will be. Everyone tries to upset the opposing players with the intention of affecting their performance.