Friday October 11 2013
Milan-Udinese ban suspended

Milan-Udinese will not be played behind closed doors, as the appeal verdict has been postponed.

The club took its appeal to the Federal Court of the FIGC today after it was ordered to play the game with Udinese behind closed doors on October 19.

This punishment was inflicted for repeated anti-Neapolitan chants that were considered ‘territorial discrimination’ and therefore treated with the same severity as racist abuse.

The decision prompted a wide debate around Serie A and B on what constitutes ‘racism’ in stadiums and what is simply banter between rival towns.

Lawyer Leandro Cantamessa represented Milan at the tribunal and initially a verdict was expected this evening.

However, the Court wants more time to consider the evidence, especially as the FIGC is due to hold a meeting next Wednesday or Thursday to discuss changing the application of the rules.

A delay in delivering the verdict will effectively mean suspending the ban, so fans would be allowed into the game with Udinese.

There was also a presentation from a lawyer representing a group of season ticket holders, who joined in the appeal.

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