Sunday October 13 2013
Benitez: 'Napoli like Liverpool'

Rafa Benitez wrote for The Independent about Napoli’s defeat to Arsenal and the “similarities” with Liverpool.

The tactician penned an article for the English newspaper on football and covered different topics, including the “disappointing” 2-0 Champions League loss at the Emirates.

“Arsene Wenger has a strong side, with pace. They were as good as I had said they would be beforehand and the 2-0 win for them showed us that.

“We are developing as a team at Napoli. We learnt things about how we must deal with sides of Arsenal’s quality and speed. It has been encouraging to see how we can recover from that.

“We enjoyed a good 4-0 win over Livorno four days after leaving London, despite not having Gonzalo Higuain with us because of a small injury.

“Next, we look to our big game against Roma, the only side above us in Serie A, which has been brought forward to Friday because of public demonstrations. It will be a test for us. A lot of people are talking about it. But the spirit among us is good.”

Benitez has often said the fiery support in Naples reminds him of his first years at Liverpool.

“There are so many similarities between Liverpool and Naples and the passion for football is one of them. Now, they are two cities who find their local teams riding high again in the league.

“When people stop me here, wanting to talk football, I tell them that the road through the season is a long one – but it is hard for them to look at it that way. Football is like that for all of us. It is a great creator of hopes and dreams!”