Sunday October 20 2013
Ventura: 'Toro good and bad'

Giampiero Ventura saw positives and negatives from Torino’s 3-3 draw with Inter and hailed Nicola Bellomo.

“This game explained a great deal. We started well, interpreted it properly, hit the post, earned a penalty and scored. For the entire first half we only allowed one chance to Inter,” the Coach told Sky Sport Italia.

“If Inter got back into the game, the mistakes were totally ours. The positive thing is that this team never gives in and really wants to grow, so that is something to build on.”

Samir Handanovic was sent off after just six minutes, leaving Inter with 10 men for practically the whole game.

“Inter are a great side and we were missing seven key players. We made naive errors in the second half, allowing space for Inter to run into, and we should’ve been more courageous when a man up. It’s all part of the growth process.

“Many of our players are young and in their first Serie A season. I’m happy for Bellomo, who scored on his second appearance, while Alexander Farnerud is getting used to the tactical considerations you need in Serie A.”

Youngster Bellomo scored at the 90th minute with an audacious free kick floated into the far top corner.

“Bellomo was an investment by the club and he gave a point to his teammates, also earning more confidence. Did I expect him to go for goal at the 90th? It’s Bellomo, he’s an extrovert and so you can expect anything from him.

“Inter were set up with eight players in their own half, which gave us little space and also lots of space for them to go on the counter-attack, which is what they love. Juventus complain when facing a side that is closed up and now we can say the same of Inter!

“We took the initiative right from the start, regardless of the red card, as in the opening five minutes we hit the post and got a penalty.”

Ventura seemed confused when told Inter Coach Walter Mazzarri had refused to speak to the media to protest refereeing decisions.

“I am a little surprised at Mazzarri. Considering what happened to us over the last few weeks, I don’t want to discuss the referee any more. I thought the penalty was pretty clear, so I don’t know what the complaint was about.”