Tuesday October 22 2013
Ferguson: Benitez is a silly man

Sir Alex Ferguson has called Napoli boss Rafael Benitez ‘a silly man’ in his new autobiography.

The pair had a bitter relationship whilst managing in the Premier League together, and the former Manchester United man has hit out at the ex-Liverpool boss in his soon-to-be=published book.

"The mistake he made was to turn our rivalry personal. Once you made it personal, you had no chance because I could wait.

"So, on television he puts his glasses on and produces this sheet of paper. Facts. The facts were all wrong. All I said in reply was that Rafa was obviously bitter about something... That was me saying to him, ‘look, you're a silly man. You should never make it personal’.

"The advance publicity was that Benitez was a control freak, which turned out to be correct."

The Scot went on by saying that when it came to choosing a winner between his old rivals, Jose Mourinho was the better tactician.

"If you saw Jose and Rafa standing together on the touchline, you knew you could pick the winner."

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