Thursday October 24 2013
Lotito: 'Section out racist fans'

Lazio President Claudio Lotito believes racism can be fought by “further sectioning” each stand and punishing those guilty.

The patron spoke after their UEFA order to play behind closed doors against Apollon Limassol in November was reduced to just shuttering off the Curva Nord.

“We should look into further sectioning the stands to definitively cut out those portions of the crowd who engage in this unsporting behaviour,” said Lotito.

“The Curva can hold thousands of fans, but this behaviour can always be tracked down to around 100-200 people.”

This week the Italian authorities changed their approach to bans for chants that were racist or showed ‘territorial discrimination.’

Rather than closing the whole stadium, just the areas where the chants originated from will be shut down as punishment. This was helped by some Milan season ticket holders taking legal action against the FIGC for locking them out of matches.

“It seems only right to look after the rights of those people who go to the stadium in order to watch the game and not create problems.

“Those who behave badly should be put in a condition to not do it again.”

The introduction of named tickets was supposed to work towards this in Italy, but tracking down the actual perpetrators has proved difficult even with CCTV and stadium observers.