Saturday October 26 2013
Moratti's long Inter goodbye

Massimo Moratti confirmed Erick Thohir will take over on November 15 and attend Inter-Livorno at San Siro.

The President spoke at the shareholders meeting, where he received a standing ovation.

“It seems natural to me that a change of this nature, regardless of who was there, could create this reaction. I appreciated the applause very much. I am increasingly grateful for all the patience they had with me,” said Moratti.

“I don’t think there will be a huge transformation of any kind. I believe the new owners want to build something valid, because they know this is a powerful vehicle in their hands and they must learn how to drive it.

“I’m convinced they have everything they need to do well. I am optimistic.”

He also confirmed that, while keeping 30 per cent of the shares, he could stay on as President at Thohir’s request.

“I haven’t made that decision yet. The applause in this meeting was for the past, and that is pleasing, but we’ll see together with the Indonesians what we’ll do in future.

“As a starting point the Board of Directors will have three members of my family and five from Thohir’s group. The closing will be on November 12 or 15, though more likely 15.

“Are we still within Inter? Objectively we hold 30 per cent, not 0.01 per cent, so we are here to actively participate in the life of Inter. We’ll need to figure out which approach to collaboration will be most useful to the team.

“Thohir has said he wants to come to a game. He’ll be in Italy for the next meeting, so I think he could be at the Livorno match at San Siro on November 9.”

Moratti was finally asked when he realised it was time to hand Inter over to someone else.

“It’s been about 15 years!” he laughed. “Then it really did happen...”

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