Saturday October 26 2013
Agent: 'Is Balotelli in Italy a mistake?'

Mario Balotelli “would never accept a tutor,” but cannot live a normal life under this pressure. “Perhaps it was a mistake to bring him back to Italy.”

Mino Raiola arrived at the Milanello training ground this morning and spoke to Milan Channel on reports the club will hire a ‘tutor’ to help him through, something usually only reserved for players still in school age.

“There is no tutor for Mario, as this was another invention from Italian media,” blasted Raiola.

“This story is ridiculous. Why can’t we just leave him alone like every other player? Why is the attention always on him? I’ve been with Mario for three days in a four-month period and suddenly I’m his tutor?

“Milan never dared to propose a tutor and we would never accept one. If people keep saying this, I will sue.”

The agent also reiterated that the situation in Italy could force SuperMario elsewhere.

“When I took him to Manchester City, it was because I thought he’d suffer less of this pressure. Perhaps it was a mistake to bring him back to Italy.

“Am I scaring the fans with this talk? I am realistic, even if in reality I said it would be a truly awful thing if Mario were to leave the country for these reasons.

“Anything Mario does gets blown up into a story. His private life is a public life, so it becomes very difficult for him to do his work. He does not have a normal life.

“I truly admire Mario, because I couldn’t put up with the pressure he has for 365 days a year. There was even a huge story in the papers because he was looking for a dog. What kind of a story is that?!”

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