Sunday October 27 2013
Petkovic: 'If Lazio had lost...'

Vladimir Petkovic confirmed Lazio “would have had a very different debate” if they had failed to beat Cagliari tonight.

“If Lazio had lost today, it would certainly have been a very different debate,” he told Sky Sport Italia after a 2-0 victory.

“There is some positivity now, but we’re aware of the pressure coming from the outside. We heard the jeers when we started to make some mistakes and felt the pressure psychologically, but I must compliment the lads for keeping calm till the very end.

“I told the players at half-time to enjoy their football and get back to having fun with the sport.

“I had no signs from the club suggesting I would be in trouble if we failed to win. We were relaxed in the second half, believed in what we had to do and in the end achieved it.”

Miroslav Klose came off the bench and changed the game, scoring a goal and earning a penalty.

“Klose is a very important player, one of the leaders of this team and I am very pleased amid all this criticism that the team showed strong character. That was the most important thing today.

 “The most important thing now is to get all the players back from injury, as there are six or seven missing.

“I never wanted to use that as an alibi and we worked with these players who are giving a good response, but considering the situation we are above expectations.”

After the final whistle goalkeeper Federico Marchetti met with ultras leaders on the field to discuss his irritation with earlier protests.

“It is our fault to a degree, as we haven’t earned as many points as we could’ve done,” added Petkovic.

“At the same time, I have never seen a team not give its all. The players are nice lads and fight for the jersey.

“We live with the fans, respect them and hope they respect us too. It’s good that if things have to be clarified, they are done in the open.”

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