Tuesday October 29 2013
Allegri on Lazio, Mario & his future

Massimiliano Allegri has admitted that his Milan players will have to be ‘very attentive’ against Lazio tomorrow.

The Rossoneri host the capital club on Wednesday looking to bounce back from their loss to Parma at the weekend.

“Against Parma, we let in two avoidable goals in stoppage time,” he told a Press conference.

“We could have got a draw after a good second half. We have to reduce mistakes to a minimum and continue working. Up until nine minutes, we were the only team that had the ball. We didn’t approach the match badly.

“We gave away two counter attacks which turned into two goals. Unfortunately we have to improve on this. It’s always tough to play against a team that only thinks about defending. We knew it would be tough but we were punished anyway. 

We’re up against Lazio tomorrow and they’re a team that are going through a good period at the moment despite the result against Atalanta. The played well against Fiorentina and got the win against Cagliari while keeping a clean sheet on Sunday and so it’ll be a tough match.

“We’ll have to be very attentive as they have good technical players. We need the result and so we’ll have to be much more attentive and like I said we have to cut out the mistakes that we’re paying a high price for at the moment.”

The Coach went on to explain his tactical decisions of late.

“We’ve been playing with four at the back and three in the middle for two and a half years now. Abate will play on the right tomorrow with Zaccardo and Zapata in the middle and De Sciglio on the left. 

“Playing immediately after the Parma match could be an advantage. We need balance and focus. Never take anything for granted. It’s not a question of the player being difficult to manage.”

Allegri then commented on Mario Balotelli’s car accident yesterday, that saw the striker walk away from a minor crash.

“I judge Balotelli based on what he does on the pitch. He didn’t do well on Sunday against Parma and I took him off. He’ll be available tomorrow and I think he’ll play well. He trained well yesterday and I think he should be left in peace as well.

“There’s far too much discussion of the man’s private life. I think that Balotelli should be judged for what he does on the pitch like all other players. They’re football players and should be judged as such. Balotelli arrived at the club in January and has done great things with the team since his arrival. He got 12 goals in his first 13 games.

“He played well at the start of this season as well. It can happen that a player has a dip in form, but when it happens to Balotelli, it’s blown out of all proportion.”


The conversation then moved on to Kaka’s recent performances and his own position as Milan boss.

“Kaka has played well in the last two matches. He just needs to get back in top shape. I’m trying to manage him in the best way possible. He can give us added value both technically and morally. He has everything needed for a big season. 

“It’s an aspect of my life as I’m the Milan coach. There are worst things in life. When you’re a football Coach, especially at a club like Milan, if results don’t go your way, the responsibility is always yours. I always accept my responsibilities and I’ll be trying to get the team out of the situation that we’re in.

“That’s something that needs balance and serenity. We have to solve our problems which didn’t disappear after the Barcelona match. That’s an easier match to play compared to when you’re up against team that play with 11 defenders, like we did against Barcelona and they had to the same problems that we had against Parma. On Sunday we had 73 per cent of possession during the game and we created much more than the adversary over the course of 90 minutes and in the end we lost, so it’s clear that we have to improve and we have to cut out certain things, certain mistake and that’s what the players will do, no doubt about it. It’s up to me to transmit serenity as that’s what’s needed.

“We have a game to play tomorrow evening and we have to make sure that we have what’s necessary to get a result. There are moments when you get a free kick from 35 meters out and it goes in the bottom corner and other moments when the same free kick goes out for a goal kick. But that doesn’t change the fact that we slipped up in the defensive wall. Certain mistakes have to be cut out regardless of the result. 

“I spoke to the President before the Parma game. I have good relationship with him. I’ve always got results so far with Milan and the team will get out of this situation. The President and the club are close to the players and this is an advantage.

“Now we just need to think about getting results. Gallaini was explicit yesterday and made the club’s thoughts known. Milan are very respectful of match officials and even Balotelli has improved. It’s a fact that things haven’t gone our way so far this season. We just want what we deserve.

“If there are controversial decisions in the game at least it means that we’re attacking in the opposition penalty area. We just need to think about playing. On the other hand we have to analyze what happens in matches. The club has been clear an d we have to leave the referees in peace. “