Wednesday October 30 2013
ADV: 'Cuadrado decision inexplicable'

Fiorentina President Andrea Della Valle was furious after the defeat to Napoli, but hopes the referee “can grow and learn from this.”

The Viola were beaten 2-1 at the Stadio Franchi this evening, but at the 91st minute Juan Cuadrado was sent off for simulation when replays show he deserved a penalty.

“When I come to speak to the media, it is to reaffirm certain concepts. Firstly I have to praise Fiorentina for their performance, which was even better than the one to beat Juventus 4-2,” a visibly livid Della Valle told Sky Sport Italia.

Not only did Fiorentina not get the penalty, but Cuadrado will also be suspended against Milan on Saturday.

“The squad is improving, but injuries and other situations have temporarily changed our ambitions.

“This referee is young, but at the 91st minute I need someone to explain to me why they didn’t give that penalty. Maybe he’s a bit young and inexperienced, so lacked courage.

“We made a mistake against Parma and dropped two points. Since then the team has grown and matured. I therefore want to tell the referee that errors like this can also help him to improve and mature. We always talk about absolute faith in the officials, of course.”

When the pundits in the studio questioned the penalty awarded to Fiorentina against Napoli for a push on Stefan Savic, ADV lost his temper.

“Was the first penalty generous? He had an arm in his back, so it was entirely possible to give that penalty. How can you possibly say that it’s not a penalty?

“The message I want to send out amid the anger that is whirling round the city, especially with what happened last season, is that this is a very strong team we are all very proud of.

“Napoli, who are a great team, were pegged back for the entire second half. I will have to be cool-headed over the next few days, as the lads will be very angry. We fall further away from the top sides now, but hopefully we’ll catch up from this weekend.”