Sunday November 3 2013
Berlusconi: 'Change of philosophy'

Barbara Berlusconi insists she “never asked” for Adriano Galliani to be sacked, but did suggest “a change in philosophy at Milan.”

The reports emerged in Ansa news agency this evening that Berlusconi, the daughter of President Silvio and a member of the Board of Directors, lobbied her father after the 2-0 defeat to Fiorentina.

It was claimed she said the club spent far too much money unwisely and transfer guru Galliani was therefore to blame.

“I never asked for the general manager Adriano Galliani to be changed,” Barbara Berlusconi insisted in a statement.

“In the numerous phone calls with my father after the defeat to Milan I simply asked for a change of business philosophy at Milan.”

The two positions are not necessarily contrasting, as it’s reported this ‘change of business philosophy’ would include the introduction of Paolo Maldini and new talent scouts to seek young players before they become too expensive.

While Galliani may well remain as general manager, his many duties and responsibilities in choosing players could be downscaled.