Monday November 4 2013
Conte: Real a fundamental tie

Antonio Conte has played down the importance of the system Juventus will use against Real Madrid on Tuesday.

Although he has reverted to the 3-5-2 shape in Serie A, he is expected to go with the 4-3-3 he opted for during the 2-1 Champions League loss in Spain two weeks ago.

“We returned to a 4-3-3 in Spain, but my side can also play with a 3-5-2,” the tactician stated on Monday.

“We’ll see, we could even change shape during the course of the game.

“What is more important than the system is the way we interpret the game, because we are playing a candidate to win the Champions League.”

While Real have a 100 per cent record, Juventus have only collected two points from their three ties so far.

“It’s a waste of time trying to hide,” Conte added. “This will be a fundamental and beautiful game.

“It will be crucial if we want to continue in the Champions League and we have to do something on the pitch to deserve continuing in the competition.

“We know it will be tough tomorrow, but we know that we have the qualities to do well.

“We’ll look to take advantage of the atmosphere and I expect some great support from our fans. They have to follow the team during the positive and less positive moments of the match.

“We have to raise ourselves against a very tall obstacle.”

Conte, though, admitted that his side would have to be in top shape defensively to keep Real quiet at the Juventus Stadium.

“Real have great champions and they live through matches like this on a weekly basis. It is a classic of the European game.

“Coach Carlo Ancelotti can count on an extraordinary and devastating offensive department. Especially if you leave them space in which to counter-attack.

“Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema, Angel Di Maria and the rest are fantastic when they have space to attack. We have to tactically repeat what we did in Madrid.”

The former midfielder wasn’t left too impressed with the refereeing in the game at the Bernabeu, seeing as Real were awarded a controversial penalty and Giorgio Chiellini was dismissed.

“We’re thinking about playing the game, UEFA worry about referees.

“There were a few incidents in the first match which compromised the result, but the referee is part of the game.

“We are happy that a top tier referee, one of the best in the world, has been handed this tie.”

Englishman Howard Webb will officiate.