Tuesday November 5 2013
Pogba: 'I saw Varane'

Paul Pogba explained what happened when he earned Juventus’ penalty against Real Madrid. “I saw him sliding in.”

The French midfielder won the spot-kick, converted by Arturo Vidal, when he was brought down by his fellow countryman and friend Raphael Varane.

“I saw him sliding in, but I moved the ball and felt him hit me,” Pogba told Sky Sport Italia after the 2-2 draw.

“We put in a good performance, especially in the first half, and we did want to start strong. We were facing a great team and saw that the moment we make one mistake, they hit us with pace.”

Copenhagen beat Galatasaray 1-0, which leaves those teams on four points and Juve last on three.

However, it’s still a positive situation, because the Bianconeri could qualify by beating Copenhagen in Turin and earning a draw in Istanbul.

“We have to think about ourselves, focus on winning and only afterwards see what the other teams have done.

“Juve are Juve, so as a great team everyone should be afraid of facing us. We have to prove that we’re strong and that we can win.”