Thursday November 7 2013
Reina: 'Napoli, Champions and Liverpool'

Pepe Reina concedes Napoli “cannot aim to win the Champions League,” but aimed a sideswipe at Liverpool.

The goalkeeper spoke to Spanish magazine Minuto 116 about his career and working with Rafa Benitez again.

“I joined the Barcelona youth academy when I was 13 and have always been a fan, so one day I’d like to play there. It was a dream to train alongside Rivaldo, Luis Figo and Philip Cocu.

“As for Benitez at Liverpool, we won a great deal together, even if we have the regrets of losing the Champions League Final to Milan.

“I still haven’t been able to lift that trophy, just as my father lost a Final in his career. Maybe one day my son will do it, so the name Reina enters the history books.

“Could I achieve it with Napoli? This is a new opportunity, but the team cannot aim to win the Champions League. We have other aspirations, to continue growing and working hard. I will say that, despite how tough it’ll be, we will fight to the end to go as far as possible in this tournament.”

Reina was reunited with Benitez this summer when joining Napoli on loan from Liverpool.

“When he left, it was not an easy time for me. Rafa was more than just a Coach and I’ve said a thousand times he’s the best I ever worked with. Liverpool lost an important guiding light.

“I don’t think Liverpool were honest with me. It was a difficult decision and I don’t regret anything, as I am proud to have chosen Napoli and Benitez. I must still thank the English club for all they did for me, but it’s impossible for me to play at Anfield again.”

Reina was also questioned on his notorious superstitions.

“I have some hobbies that I must respect before every game, otherwise I can’t stay calm and concentrated. I’ve got a range of them, for example at Liverpool I’d go to the same petrol station before the match. Now I drink a glass of wine the night before I play. You must think me crazy, but I believe in it!”

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