Friday November 15 2013
Osvaldo had allergy attack

Italy’s medical staff revealed Dani Osvaldo needed injections after suffering from a “serious allergic reaction.”

The Southampton striker was substituted during the 1-1 draw with Germany and was spotted going into the locker room while the game was still on, then had a badly swollen eye.

“Going off the field, Osvaldo had a pretty strong allergic reaction, so he needed an anti-histamine injection,” Professor Enrico Castellacci explained.

“Now his condition has stabilised and there’s nothing to worry about. It’ll be wise for him to have some tests and find out what it is he’s allergic to.

“These reactions can be more or less damaging, but he started to feel ill as soon as he got to the bench, then got worse until it became a pretty serious condition. We sent him into the locker room for treatment.

“He told me he had a couple of previous incidents in the past, so we advised him to carry cortisone in his pocket at all times and to have tests when he gets back to England.

“The allergic reaction came out in a rash, but when it inflates the throat then it can impede breathing and become very serious indeed.”