Saturday November 16 2013
Benitez: 'Napoli hungrier than Inter'

Rafa Benitez reveals why Napoli are better suited to him than Inter. “They have more enthusiasm, more eagerness, hungry and with less age.”

The Coach had a disappointing first impact with Serie A, spending just six months at Inter in 2010, but seems to have found a different atmosphere at the San Paolo.

“The truth is that this is a very nice place: with golf, training camps... People who love you, players who work with the will to win... and things are going well, therefore, we have to be happy,” he told ESPN.

“There are so many things here that make me think that the results are very good despite the short time we have been here. Therefore, I am positive about the future and it can be even better because we will have more leeway.

“That Inter had a higher level, but with an older team. This is a squad with more enthusiasm, more eagerness, hungry and with less age - so it is always easier to influence the players - to make them understand things.”

Benitez also aimed a sideswipe at the Inter directors, who he famously accused of not bringing in requested reinforcements.

“The difference is that here when you say: 'I want this, this and this...' - they try to do it. Also we have taken a step forward because many of the players who have come already know me and understand me perfectly and that is also an advantage.”

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