Saturday November 23 2013
Mihajlovic: 'No Press conferences'

New Sampdoria Coach Sinisa Mihajlovic made a shock announcement in his Press conference: it will be his last.

The tactician left the Serbia job this week to replace Delio Rossi and makes his debut against Lazio on Sunday afternoon.

“I think that I talked enough the other day,” began Mihajlovic in today’s Press conference.

“I am here only to tell you that from now on, every Saturday, the pre-match Press conference will be held by the captain and vice-captain. That will be the situation until June.

“I hope the fans will flock to the stadium in order to support us tomorrow and help the team all the way to the end.

“I know them well and realise they will be fundamental to help us achieve our objective. I can promise one thing: my team will never have the wrong attitude, because if I see someone who does, they’d do well not to get back into the locker room with me.

“As Vujadin Boskov used to say, you can win, lose or draw, but the attitude is everything.”

Mihajlovic handed over the Press conference to Angelo Palombo and Daniele Gastaldello.

“The Coach did not personally explain why he made this decision, but we believe he did it because we represent experience and reference points in the locker room,” noted Gastaldello.

“I think it’s only right to take our share of the responsibility and face the media.”

Palombo was immediately impressed by Mihajlovic. “I had already known him for a while. It’s only normal that there is extra motivation after such a radical change of management and the tempo in training has also changed. We’re all starting from scratch.”