Wednesday December 4 2013
Garcia: Totti one of the greatest ever

Rudi Garcia has reserved special praise for Francesco Totti. “He is one of the greatest players in the history of football”.

The captain is injured at the moment, but the Giallorossi has spoken to the French Press about his inspirational forward.

“To know a good player you have to work with them,” he told So Foot. “I don’t know Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.

“At the moment though, I am with Totti. I can tell you he’s a humble guy. He has never willingly skipped a session, never asked for special treatment, even though he is 36.

“This is a guy who loves football. He maybe isn’t a leader in the traditional sense in the locker room.

“He is not the sort to yell the boys to try and motivate them. But he is appreciated by everyone at the club because he is a smart guy and likes to joke around.

“And he is a true original on the pitch. After seeing him, I said to myself that not only is he a great player, but simply one of the greatest players in the history of football.”

The former Lille tactician then went on to comment on vice-captain Daniele De Rossi and Roma’s new philosophy this season.

“De Rossi could be one of the guys in the Curva Sud. He experiences strong emotions, and I love coaching that.

“We’re not at the same level as Juventus and Napoli, in terms of being built to win the League and go far in Europe.

“We’re not programmed for that. But don’t think I’m saying we can’t win the Scudetto.

“We’re trying to impose ourselves on teams this season. When I show videos of opponents, I don’t dwell on their strengths. We look at weaknesses and try to exploit them.”